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Welcome - David! The new HostAble AI

After many months of planning and research along with working with 14 companies, we finally found a company what suited our needs for our hostable AI chatbot. Many of our original clients know we use to have a custom made AI bot which sadly didn't work to our expectations and ended up being pulled from our website within only 3 days.   Months ... Read More

26th Sept 2020

Introducing Master and Alpa Reseller Hosting - DE & US

We are pleased to announce the latest master and alpha reseller plans to our website! We are offering; Master Pro Max (DE) and Alpha Pro Max (DE) Master Plan - Alpha Plan -   Master plans start at £18.99/mo or £200/yr (Also has USD pricing if ... Read More

6th Jun 2020


30th Apr 2020


We have for a few months been getting many messages regarding do we have a PLESK server or Adult hosting.  Which today we are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new PLESK server what will allow adult hosting.  This Information is to basically to let know that you can now get a PLESK reseller account from us, along side your ... Read More

7th Apr 2020

Covid-19 - How we are dealing with this, support hours changed, system upgrades, our future? - Updated 19th March 2020

With ourselves being a UK based company with clients all over the world we thought it would be best to list what we are doing to help ensure our staff wellbeing and safety. So, what are we doing? - We have asked all staff to keep working from home (we are a work from home company anyway) but won't be doing any meeting with our staff face - ... Read More

16th Mar 2020

Support Hours - Changing

We are announcing our support hours are changing. Due to myself (Charles) fulfilling my life dream job, I will be limiting support hours to roughly 1 hour per day. I feel this won't affect any clients because when ordering hosting with us you should be aware that we aren't a massive company so expect a wait in support. The support hours will be ... Read More

13th Mar 2020

Rescue Effort - Lion completed, Wolf waiting still

We have successfully migrated the LION server to a new data center so all is working again on the LION server ( We are working on moving WOLF still but due to how big the server is it is taking longer then we could expect to take. We have a full migration team working on this currently with private teams too. We are dropping our ... Read More

27th Feb 2020

Removing Direct Admin Server - Lizard

On the 11th Feb 2020 we released we was going to create and welcome a DA server to our network. However, after some massive technical issues and issues with thirdparty apps we have decided to not continue to offer the DA services. All DA shared clients have been contacted about moving to a cPanel server and also any DA reseller, DA master and DA ... Read More

19th Feb 2020

Welcome LiteSpeed!

We recently have had a few server issues with speed and CUP usage, so we have cut the rope and readded LITESPEED! This will make sites up to 70% faster and WordPress sites will be much faster!


17th Feb 2020

Direct-Admin Server - Reseller, Master and Alpha coming soon!

We are also proud to announce  a new server coming soon to allow direct admin resellers. This is to join the cPanel server so we will be able to offer cPanel and DA resellers.

11th Feb 2020