Covid-19 - How we are dealing with this, support hours changed, system upgrades, our future? - Updated 19th March 2020

With ourselves being a UK based company with clients all over the world we thought it would be best to list what we are doing to help ensure our staff wellbeing and safety. So, what are we doing? - We have asked all staff to keep working from home (we are a work from home company anyway) but won't be doing any meeting with our staff face - ... Read More

March 16, 2020
Support Hours - Changing

We are announcing our support hours are changing. Due to myself (Charles) fulfilling my life dream job, I will be limiting support hours to roughly 1 hour per day. I feel this won't affect any clients because when ordering hosting with us you should be aware that we aren't a massive company so expect a wait in support. The support hours will be ... Read More

March 13, 2020