We publicly give out the dates we KNOW that support will be LIMITED and/or NONE These can be because of holidays, training or more. 2021: JULY 11TH 2021 - THREE HOUR SUPPORT JULY 12TH 2021 - ONE HOUR SUPPORT JULY 13TH 2021 - ONE HOUR SUPPORT JULY 14TH 2021 - ONE HOUR SUPPORT JULY 15TH 2021 - ONE HOUR SUPPORT JULY 16TH 2021 - ONE ... Read More

February 14, 2021
SMS Notfications

We are proud of our development team today, after many long months of sleepless nights we have been informed we can roll out or SMS system! Meaning, when you next visit the client area you will be asked to enter your mobile number if you want to receive SMS messages for the below reasons: Order Accepted Order Created Item Suspended Item ... Read More

February 8, 2021
Welcome, HostAble Discounts

We are so pleased to have finally released a sneak peek of something our admin team had been working on last week, that being HostAble Network Discounts! We are now finally happy to announce this is fully rolled out and released! So, I guess you're thinking, 'What is hostable network discounts?' well, read below!   HostAble Network Discounts is ... Read More

January 2, 2021
Fully White-Label

With great happiness and joy, we can now confirm all HostAble network companies are going fully white-label! This means you can hide who hosts the server (us) from your clients. If you don't want to worry about hiding our URL within the nameservers/hostname you use, don't worry, the old ones will still work! If this change is something you will ... Read More

December 26, 2020