SYDNEY - Release Cancellation !IMPORTANT!

Dear clients, We are sorry to state, we have cancelled the release of our new SYDNEY location. As you know, we were days away from release to our partners, and weeks away from release to our normal clients. We had many pre-orders come in, and roughly 60% of our partners opted-in to also have this location however, we were ... Read More

October 16, 2021

  As some of our clients are aware, we were faced with an extremely complex issue yesterday (07/10/2021) at around 18:00. The issue wasn't caused by us, nore was it something we could fix and/or see coming.   The issue in fact was an API error related to the software we use, the software creators were working around the clock to diagnose and ... Read More

October 8, 2021
SSL ERRORS? - DST Root CA X3 Expiration (September 2021)

Our FREE SSL provider has changed their DST in September. Although our system has automatically changed the SSL, some issued SSL's might need manual attention.    Please see below on how to re-issue a new SSL and also remove the old one.  If you currently have an SSL: Login to your cPanel account Head into the software/application ... Read More

October 6, 2021
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September 29, 2021
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