Abuse Suspension Policy

If an account is suspended for abuse we will always create an abuse report and work with you (the client or reseller) I’m getting the abuse removed. 
We offer one strike and then fee policy. 

Meaning, the first abuse report is free and we will unsuspend the account FREE if the outcome of the report is work full in favour of both parties. 

on the second abuse report, we will charge a fee for the account to be reinstated. This is our policy’s and if not fee is paid we will remove the account from the systems. 

If a client of a reseller has the second warning and has a fee to pay we will request you to get the customer to pay you and then you pay us, or we can create an invoice and send it to them our selves. As a reseller, it is also a job to ensure that the accounts are within our policy’s and also not using high IO/CPU usage. 

The fee for the second abuse on the domain is $10. After the abuse continues there will be a BAN placed onto the account (including the reseller if it is a resellers account).

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