This terms of service document is a legal agreement between “You” (Client) and “Us” (HostAble Network, HostAble.Co, GetRed, MyWebsitePanel).


This was last updated on TUESDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2021; Within that update, we added point (15.0)


1.0 Accepted Usage:

All services provided by HostAble.Co must be used for legal purposes only and should not violet any US law including any state, federal or city law. Violation of any UK, ASIAN, GERMAN and US laws will result in immediate suspension of your services without any possibility of a refund.

Following activities are considered illegal and prohibited but the scope of this document is not limited to these activities:

  • Hosting or distributing copyright material, without prior consent
  • Usage our server to perform DDoS Attacks or intensive server requests
  • Hosting material that is viewed as obscene or indecent. For instance, child pornography or hate speech
  • Spamming / sending unsolicited emails in bulk quantity
  • Distribution of trojans or spyware
  • Sales of controlled substances such as Illegal Drugs or any related content
  • Promoting hate or racism against any specific group of people or an individual

We also do not allow any server clients to use any style of cloud storage on our servers. This includes all cloud storage software, e.g. OwnCloud.

2.0 Software Design Policy:

HostAble Network had a dedicated team from a external company who work under our name to design software for us, or our clients who request custom software. 

We do two different payment options for custom software development, per hour and single cost. 

Our most poplar option is the per-hour. Below is the different of the cost options. 


This is our recommended option, it allows us to work on the project in a swift time, getting it completed as fast as possible to save costs, our average hour cost is £20, per hour. This option also allows you to add or remove items at any stage of the built, as it wouldn’t cost us any extra to do this, it would be within your per hour cost. You as the client can see the per-hours worked within the client area, so you can see exactly what each hour is done doing, and the project completion expected date. 

The second option is;


This item is mainly for people on a budget. It allows us to have a set cost, and rough idea form you in what to do and design. Our team will then maximise amount of time correctly and not go over the time, ensuring you get the item faster. However, with this option you can’t add/remove stuff though out the build without extra costs added. For example, if you want a custom website with payment built in, and then want a extra gateway added, we would change you for example,  £120 for this extra.  

We also need to ensure our clients know, we are UK based and have to follow the uk laws. Even if you are from a different country. For example is a client in Asia wanted a website built by us, we would happily do this but would have to build it to UK law, even though it won’t be used by anyone in the UK. It’s annoying, but we have to follow this. 

A example of this, is adding a extra hidden % to a item. For example if we build you a custom website store with payment gateways, we will then tell you to make sure you work out your product pricing with the VAT and payment gateway costs included within your item cost, this is something we have to do, we can’t work around this. 

If you do want payment gateways added into any design you like, we can only expertly do:

- INSTAMOJO (Indian payment gateway - https://www.instamojo.com/)

- RAZORPAY (Global payment gateway - https://razorpay.com/ )

- PAYPAL (Global gateway - https://paypal.com/ )

- STRIPE (Card payments worldwide, hostable uses this (https://stripe.com )

- TOYYIBPAY (Asia payment gateway - https://toyyibpay.com/ )

- Mollie (Europe payment gateway - https://www.mollie.com/ )

- Paystack (African payment gateway - https://paystack.com/ )


We are able to add extra, but there would be a extra cost. If you are doing Per-hour it is much easier. If it is per-product we are unable to add extra. 


Agreeing to these T&C mean you know that the custom design is as stated above, falling out UK laws, even if the site isn’t within the UK. 

3.0 Refund Policy:

We provide a 3-day (three) money-back guarantee period for you to trial our services without any commitment. This applies to shared hosting, reseller hosting, and game hosting accounts only and does not apply to add-ons, domain registrations, one-time services, etc.

You must open a support ticket to our Billing Department within 3 days of your order to request a refund. Please note that refunds are processed within 72 hours.

Chargebacks will result in a TERMINATION of your account with no warning and all data removed  

4.0 Abuse on our Infrastructure:

Using our servers to perform stress testing, outbound DDoS attacks, crypto mining, intensive I/O operations or performing actions that test our servers to their full limit and may cause harm or slight interruption/performance degradation to our equipment.

As a client, you are responsible for all your accounts. Any attempt to make damage to our servers or other clients are strictly prohibited by the the authority of this agreement.

Your account may be suspended if this is violated. We will provide a a second chance if you contact us via support ticket.

5.0 Spamming:

Sending unsolicited emails in bulk quantity is strictly prohibited and also punishable by law. Sending emails to customers submit their consent to you by subscribing to your services is allowed.

However, If any of our IP address gets banned or blacklisted due to spamming activities performed by you, we may not only immediately suspend your account but we also have the right to take legal action against you.

6.0 Account backups:

We use JetBackUp to backup each and every account on our servers, most other companies don’t backup reseller accounts, or their sub-accounts. We believe this shouldn’t be the case, therefore we backup every account. 

However, we do limit backups to only accounts under 15GB. All accounts over 15GB WILL NOT get backed up, this is to keep our backups fast, simple and easy. We are us able to change this rule if you want a backup. 

We also, only keep backups for 2 days, for example, we do daily backups but only keep 2 days worth. So if we took a backup on Monday, we would then take another backup Tuesday, and delete Sunday’s backup. Then on Wednesday, Mondays backup will be removed, etc. The removed backups CAN’T BE RESTORED. 

Agreeing to these terms and conditions mean, you know if your account is over 15GB we DO NOT backup your account and can’t be held for any data loss from our selfs or yourself. You also know, we remove backups older then 2 days old. 

We recommend you take backups your self, we recommend the below companies:

  • MEGA

7.0 Free Hosting Policy:

We do not allow any of our clients to offer Free Hosting to their clients. 

If we see any users who offer these style options to their clients we will suspend your hosting with only one warning. 

8.0 VPS Accounts:

Other than generally prohibited activities above, for VPS accounts, below activities are also not allowed to be performed:

  • Any software that performs intensive cpu I/o operations.
  • Scripts that involve mass marketing of any kind.
  • Performing brute force and other penetration techniques or vulnerability-checking programs, even if for security purpose
  • Crawling / scraping or making an extensive number of requests to other sites, with or without their consent (I.E. Macros scripts)
  • Interfere with other networks, data or personal information.
  • Hosting data that is violent, harmful, offensive or disrespect the rights of other citizens.
  • Scripts that contain viruses, worms, trojans and responsible for collect data that you are not supposed to collect for any purpose.
  • Cryptocurrency mining, traffic exchange scripts, cpu mining activities

If you are looking to maximize the full performance of your CPU and Disk I/O (such as mining or traffic exchange scripts), then we’d recommend purchasing a Dedicated Server, where such activities are allowed.

9.0 Basic Support Needs/Issues Policy:

At HostAble Network are hot on ensuring we only have support tickets created for key support issues this is why we have the Basic Support Needs/Issues Policy. This means if we have a ticket created with anything under the items in the Basic Support Needs/Issues Policy FAQ zone we will close the ticket and send a link to the zone where you can see a detailed idea on how to fix the issue. We usually would send this is its something like emails going to spam or a php issue.

The Basic Support Needs/Issues Policy doesn't affect your standard rights on reopening the ticket if you needed more support but if its to do with the main issue for example emails going to spam it will be reclosed.


Due to many commitments to ensure ALL our clients have the safest website on HostAble Network systems, we may disable some PHP versions which are outdated. We have the full right to do this within a NO time frame warning  

We are due to disable ALL php versions under 7.3 in the coming months, this is due to many in-securities within the older php versions  

11.0 Migration:

We do not offer help with moving clients to our servers due to the staff costs which would be required that we can not supply with the cheaper prices we offer. 

12.0 Server Closure/Company Closure:

If HostAble Network was to shut and all servers closed down we DO NOT hold any responsibility for data loss (other then the backups we will supply) we also DO NOT hold any responsibility for client loss, income loss, etc. We are a 'Cheaper' host who we only recommend using us until you can move to something more stable. Most clients of ours only use is to test there sites. 

13.0 WordPress Plug-in issues, theme bugs, anything wordpress plugin related:

We all know what WordPress is, and everyone knows how easy and insecure it can be. Any plug-in made for Wordpress can be hacked into and take control of your websites.

At HostAble we have hack scans running every 5 minutes, we use Imunify360 for our security systems on all our servers.

However, due to wordpress nature and our lack of support for this, meaning, if any issues do occurs from WordPress issues such as bugs, broken themes, hacks, etc. We are UNABLE to help with these issues.

We can guide you in the correct path In Getting issues fixed.

Please see below:

  1. Theme issues - Disable ALL custom themes, enable the theme you want to use, if the site stops working then it means it is related to the theme, the best thing to do is update the theme if needed, and if that doesn't fix, contact the theme creator.
  2. Plug-in issues - DISABLE ALL plugins, enable one plugin at a time and test the site after each enables, once the site stops working it will allow you to know that the last plugin you enabled was the cause. The best thing to do is update the plugin if needed and if no luck, contact the plug-in creator.
  3. Hacks - install Wordpress security plugins (have a Google, there are good free ones)!

You can do both points 1 and 2 above via the WordPress admin area, if you can't even get into the admin area because of a plugin issue, login to your cPanel account and go to the file manager, then follow the below:

Go to "public_html/wp-content/plugins" within the file manager. Create a new folder in there called "PLUGIN-BACKUPS" and move ALL items from "public_html/wp-content/plugins" into the new "PLUGIN-BACKUPS" folder. Your WordPress site now will work and show as NO plugins installed. You can then move one plugin at a time from the "PLUGIN-BACKUPS" folder to the "public_html/wp-content/plugins" folder. Do this for each plugin and these your site after each move. If your site stops working, your know that the last plugin caused the issue. The best thing to do, Try to update the plugin, you might have to do this manually, if still no luck, contact the plugin creators. 

14.0 Own server plan / buying a pre-made website:

When you take out one of our pre-made website hosting companies or a own server plan we have the right to cancel your item if you do not pay, change back, or abuse the system. 

We take all threats of refund requests with these systems very tough and we will fight the case every time. 

Our policy is as soon as we send your those details with this plan, you only get 12 hours refund request, because we would be out of pocket other wise, you could download the files, steal the license, etc.

You as the client also agree to our terms that if you can’t understand the software and don’t help look up how to use the software we can’t be held liable for refunds.  

15.0 ‘UNLIMITED’ meaning:

Below we outline the meaning of ‘UNLIMITED’ regarding ALL our plans

Some plans offer unlimited options, such as our MASTER PRO MAX. These plans are mainly aimed at our long term clients. However, we have to ensure you know your limited. UNLIMITED doesn’t always mean UNLIMITED, please see our outline below:



PLEASE NOTE: Resellers have their own policy, view via the FAQ area for policy’s  

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