Reseller Policy

Reseller hosting policy

Us ( the server owners  have full right to terminate, suspend or remove any accounts, and/or data what is against our policy’s. 

When choosing reseller, master or alpha hosting with us you agree to this policy and it’s your job to ensure your own clients follow our rules. 

Our policy rules include:

Illegal storage - This includes any style items such as movies, music, tv(IPTV* unless licensed) and files (torrents)

Server Abuse - This is joint with the above rule. Any storage abuse, bandwidth abuse and attacks will be down to the client of us to pay if any costs. We will then work with them about billing the client if theirs. As a suggestion our system looks for 3GB per domain as a average limit. Any more will be flagged, we then look into the rough files and act accordingly. 

WHMCS - illegal / nulled versions will be removed with warning. We offer very cheap business licenses. 

Illegal software - we will remove any accounts with illegal software and work with the makers and DMCA to do this.


We hope you agree to our policy, we will ALWAYS contact the actual account owner via email and the client of ours who is their ‘account owner’. 


Any questions please contact support. 

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