Server / HostAble shut down - policy

We at HostAble are a very large company and as our selfs we are pleased we are growing. 
However, we need to ensure our clients and reseller clients know that is and of the HostAble services are showdown for any reason (Major spam, blocking, hacking, virus, etc) we always will supply a backup download from before we close off the server/item. 

At any point we may be forced to close our cPanel server due to cPanel cracking down on resellers and us as a company do not have the fees to deal with this if that's the case. 

Depending on the time with us we will supply refunds (If we close doors support will shut and clients are expected to need to contact PayPal for their refund)

We hope this doesn't happen but recently we have had many emails and abuse claims regarding our pricing from cPanel/WHM who also keep blocking our IP due to their reseller policy's. 

Please contact us if you need to ask any questions. 

Last Update: 01/16/2020 - 21:44pm