Become a HostAble Network Partner

We are welcoming new partners to join our partnership scheme. Currently we have many different websites who have partnered with us.
Our hosting partnership allowed you to not only get a Alpha Reseller account on all our servers, currently supporting our DirectAdmin server and our 3 cPanel systems.
Meaning you will get 4 alpha accounts in total. This amount could increase if new servers are added and you want to also offer them.

What are the benefits of choosing partnership?
Firstly, it’s cheaper! Instead of paying £5.99 /month for each server. We will set a custom price for you for all 4 current systems.
For example, some clients only have to pay £9.99/month for a partnership plan. And others have to pay £19.99/month. We do promise the price will be cheaper then choosing reach server separately.
Secondly, you will get early access to new features, custom tools and so much more. For example, you will have a new feature showing on your client account called ‘Partnership Tools’ where you can download a pre-made WHMCS FAQ.
Some pre-made WHMCS templates and so much more! You also get FREE access to our WHMCS modules we have resell rights for from ModulesGarden.
These include:
- Premium Support Tickets
- IP Manager License
- Client Area Designer
- Client Area Popup
- Resellers Center
- And So So much more*, have a look at our partnersite to view what you will get, HERE.

Finally, you will also be the first to know of new servers coming. Or new locations and so much more, for example it is wildly known we are adding two new locations for cpanel servers, one being India and the other being Asia.
If you are a partner with us, you will find out and be able to get alpha plan on the system before anyone else! Meaning you can be setup and ready 14 days before everyone else who isn’t a partner.
You also, get 5 FREE Premium support tickets a month, meaning you can always be the top of the support list! (Remember, our support hours are limited currently due to covid-19)

How can you qualify to become a partner?
Our partnership is easy, all you need to do is advertise you are partnered with us. And we will do the same! We then request two months payment, so you pay an extra month upfront, meaning the first month is double all the other months.
This allows us to keep a backup payment incase you miss a month by accident. This allows us to make sure your websites and clients are always happy!

*Notice: not all items you see on the partner site for the Modules are included. Ask staff before hand if you want to know if this deal includes one.

If this is something you feel would benefit yourself, or your company; be sure you contact us via the below button:

Below is some of our current partners:
Core-Media AceHosting Happy Hosting DynHost