EasyGoHost.Co.Uk 1 Available

We are pleased to announce we have a new pre-made website hosting company for sale!
This has been fully set up by our dedicated website creation team. With WHMCS, and set up on 4 servers!
This website has a very modern theme with the front landing area built on PHP and the client and backend built on WHMCS.
Website (PHP + WHMCS)
Domain (EasyGoHost.Co.Uk)
One Year Use Of All Servers - PEN, US, ASIA and DA.
So everything you see you get!
Be sure to check out the website - EasyGoHost.Co.Uk
One Time Set Up Fee of £99 which includes the time spent on the creation and setup.
Yearly Payment Of £99 for the use of the servers listed above.
Please note, NO WHMCS license is included within this sale. We can give you guides to get a WHMCS license for £25/year.
The website STILL DOES works how it is though until you get a license!
We hope that if you do have any questions that you do ask us!
YEARLY DEAL - £99.00 /year
ONE TIME PRICE £495.00 /ONE TIME (to choose this, please select triennially from the billing cycle option and the team will change it to one-time payment after the payment is received)
Thank you for looking at this website!