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We are pleased to announce we have a new pre-made website hosting company for sale!
This has been fully set up by our dedicated website creation team. With WHMCS, and set up on 4 servers!
This website has a very modern theme with the front landing area built on PHP and the client and backend built on WHMCS.
Website (PHP + WHMCS)
Domain (321Hosting.Co.Uk)
One Year Use Of All Servers - PEN, US, ASIA and DA.
So everything you see you get!
Be sure to check out the website - 321Hosting.Co.Uk
One Time Set Up Fee of £99 which includes the time spent on the creation and setup.
Yearly Payment Of £99 for the use of the servers listed above.
Please note, NO WHMCS license is included within this sale. We can give you guides to get a WHMCS license for £25/year.
The website STILL DOES works how it is though until you get a license!
We hope that if you do have any questions that you do ask us!
YEARLY DEAL - £99.00 /year
ONE TIME PRICE £495.00 /ONE TIME (to choose this, please select triennially from the billing cycle option and the team will change it to one time payment after the payment is recived)
Thank you for looking at this website!